Blueberry Protein pancakes for Weightloss!

Hey guys!! I leave you with this Amazing Healthy version for pancakes. Just to clarify I did not create this recipe I saw it on instagram one day but could no longer find the original source. (pictures are taken by me) So this is the way I ended up making them and they are delicious my kids loved them too. Trade these for your everyday pancakes, you will save a lot of calories and your family will not even notice! Get creative with the toppings instead of using sugary syrup top them with fresh fruit! Try it out ❤

pic 1

protein pancakes 011

  • Ingredients

    • 1 medium bannana
    • 3/4 C quick oats
    • 1 scoop protein powder ( vanilla works well)
    • 2 egg whites
    • {*1 Tablespoon of water only if batter is to dry }
  • Instructions

    1. 1.Turn on your nonstick pan to Med heat. (spray with Pam just in case)
    2. 2. In a blender (I used the Nutribullet) put in all ingredients blend on High for 40 secs.
    3. 3. Make two round pancakes in your pan, if it only fits one make one at a time..OR you can make just one big one,
    4. 4 With a spatula check the bottom after approx 1 min when golden brown flip.
    5. 5. Tada your done! now for your toppings there is endless possibilities.. I used a Tablespoon of penutbutter melted in the microwave with a 1/2 c of warm blueberries.
    6. you can do strawberries, bannana, heck you could mix a variety, but if your goal is weightloss lets not over do it . 🙂
  • Notes

    *I love topping my pancakes with warm blue berries because they release juice and makes my pancakes nice and moist